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U.K. & European IR

U.K. & European IR

A renowned specialty of BIA Investor Relations is our unparalleled services for broadening the shareholder base of North American companies through outreach to the United Kingdom and Europe. Small- and mid-cap companies find it especially useful to seek new shareholders among institutional investors in the U.K. and Europe.

Adding new shareholders overseas can:

  • Enhance the availability of capital;
  • Lower the cost of capital acquisition;
  • Enhance your shareholder base with additional long-term holders;
  • Reduce stock price volatility and dilution;
  • Enhance stock price over the long term.

It Pays to be Proactive in U.K. and Europe

It makes great sense to be proactive about a European IR program using BIA’s exceptional services. We can help you:

  • To reach the largest equity fund management center in the world – London;
  • To achieve geographic diversification of your shareholder base;
  • To match the shareholder profile with your global sales mix;
  • To develop an appetite for future global financing;
  • To reach the many European funds that are long-term holders of international equities;
  • To participate in the sell-side’s global sectoral approach to research;
  • To not ignore a European population of more than 300 million people;
  • To not overlook Europe’s substantial GDP growth and accompanying high personal investment habits;
  • To take advantage of the European trend towards higher institutional/retail weightings to equities.