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Signature International Outreach Service

Signature International Outreach Service

The Signature International Outreach Service is a two-phase service designed specifically to help you assess the value of international outreach and to assist you in implementing non-deal investor tours outside North America.

This service includes:

  • An in-depth research study to analyze whether it makes sense for your company to conduct non-deal tours of buy-side institutions in the U.K. and Europe;
  • Preparation of a strategic plan to conduct non-deal tours of major investing capitals where your top management can meet with these prospective investors.

How it works

In the first phase, BIA will prepare a custom “International IR Evaluation Matrix” to help guide you in assessing whether international investor outreach is a viable opportunity for your company. This report will assess your industry and/or marketplace to determine if there might be institutional investor interest for you in the U.K. and Europe. It will match your corporate messaging to institutional investment styles and potential market followings overseas.

Typical factors covered in this analysis include (as examples):

  • Peer group analysis, such as percentage of global shareholders vs. U.S. and international competitors;
  • Comparative valuations of the same industry in different overseas markets;
  • Corporate or brand name awareness in different countries;
  • Equity funds managed in cities regularly visited by senior management on operations or sales trips;
  • International investment conferences for the company’s industry group;
  • Significance of global banking relationships or bond issues;
  • Assessment of how local competitors are perceived as investments by various national markets.

Based on the results of this evaluation, BIA can then help you plan and conduct tours in the U.K. and Europe. We offer complete services for non-deal visits and are better equipped than either traditional IR firms or the brokerage houses with which most companies may be acquainted.

The Benefits

The benefits that result from BIA’s tremendous experience in U.K. and European tours include:

  • We have the personal knowledge of the buy-side in Britain and Europe, and can better target the institutional audience that will likely be more interested in your company.
  • We prepare only “non-denominational” tour schedules – i.e., no “routine” sales tours that only visit a particular brokerage’s regular clients, whether they’re interested in the company or not (although we will work with your investment bank if you prefer).
  • We provide a high-level point of entry into the institutions visited.
  • We make better, more efficient use of your top management time for conducting tours.
  • We schedule custom tours on a regular, periodic basis to update target audiences with your company’s progress.
  • We only use senior IR and investment staff to conduct tours.
  • We assist all our clients with preparation of their tour handout materials so that they’re focused on the target audiences.
  • We prepare custom collateral based on client input and our original “International IR Evaluation Matrix”.
  • We provide excellent cost efficiencies vs. ‘free’ tours with brokerage firms.

The bottom line is simply this: better results for your company.