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Corporate Governance Advisory Services

Corporate Governance Advisory Services

The world is currently undergoing unprecedented change on all fronts, creating unique challenges that have historically not been present.  In managing these changes, organisations face increasing challenges to effectively manage risks.  Compliance requirements with onerous laws and regulations are increasing.  Boards are at the same time under constant pressure to ensure profitability and returns to shareholders while managing relationships with, and expectations from, diverse segments of stakeholders.

Managing this challenging mix requires an effective and economical organisational response.  While external change is accelerating, organisations need to change constantly in tandem to meet the external requirements and challenges. Regulations are increasingly invasive and require additional resources; organisations’ structures are thereby becoming convoluted.  Functional and reporting lines are increasingly blurred. The resulting impact on internal controls caused by the constant pressures to perform requires an increasingly sophisticated corporate governance environment and frameworks, to ensure organisations remain pro-active rather than reactive.

Ferdinand Balfoort, Director, Global Services, at BIA Investor Relations is highly experienced in all aspects of corporate governance, both at global organisational levels, as well as in detailed transactional contexts, from the perspective of effective and transparent corporate communications.  BIA has a unique blend of Investor Relations experience, wealth of knowledge in financial markets, and hands on expertise in developing, establishing and re-engineering corporate governance frameworks for organisations globally.  As a result we have an unmatched ability to tailor our solutions to specific cultural requirements, both organisational and national, so that our clients can talk the talk and walk the walk.

Our professional services include:

FCPA, Sarbanes-Oxley and COSO compliance advisory – BIA experience in these specialised fields ensures effective project management on single and across multiple sites, globally and nationally.  We take a pro-active risk based approach to compliance, resulting in cost efficiencies, based on our deep experiences in implementing and re-engineering FCPA, SOX and COSO compliant frameworks and systems globally.

Corporate governance advisory – BIA provides confidential consultancy services to boards, board sub committees and executive management, with the objective of developing, designing, implementing or strengthening corporate governance frameworks, resulting in operational effectiveness and greater transparency and effectiveness of investor communications. This includes providing support in upgrading to COSO 2013 standards.

Corporate Governance Communications – BIA can provide a limited Corporate Governance diagnostic, using its proprietary tools.  Tools and methodologies are aligned with COSO principles, to identify key strengths and areas for improvement in this domain.  This is followed by an assessment of client corporate communications, including web based, to provide value added recommendations to improve investor relations communications and messages.

Internal audit advisory – Part of our detailed Monitoring advisory services, aligned with COSO and the IIA standards, we provide advisory services to establish, develop and re-engineer internal audit departments.  We also provide outsourcing and co-sourcing services, including the development of risk based audit plans and the execution of agreed audits and investigations.

 Fraud advisory – BIA provides advisory services to assist our clients in developing robust anti-fraud and corruption processes and systems, as a sub component of client corporate governance frameworks.  We also support organisations in the execution of fraud and corruption investigations, from initial fieldwork right to effective corporate communications strategies.

 Training – BIA provides bespoke professional training for Boards, compliance, Investor Relations and audit professionals.

BIA consultants have consulted with company boards, audit committees, CEOs, CFOs and compliance functions for a variety of companies, ranging from top 100 listed firms to SME and privately held companies. Our professionals have international audit, accounting and compliance backgrounds, as well as deep experience in corporate communications.

Our in depth industry expertise includes oil and gas, engineering, biotech, manufacturing, telecoms, logistics and tourism and leisure sectors.