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How We View and Deliver IR

How We View and Deliver IR

For most corporate executives, the phrase “investor relations” (IR) implies some notion of financial communication with a public company’s shareholder base. The practice of IR, however, includes far more than just communicating with one’s shareholders.

Investor relations is a proactive and strategic executive function that combines elements of marketing, finance, communications and corporate law to provide investors with an accurate portrayal of a company’s current performance and future prospects. It incorporates multiple program elements that work in concert to market the company and its stock to far broader audiences and thereby to increase the company’s value in the long term.

An effective IR program can:

  • Build credibility for the company;
  • Help to create a fair value for the company’s stock;
  • Help the company achieve the capital growth that investors seek.

Properly planned and executed, the IR function serves both the company and the investment community. It is a conduit between the public markets and the corporation, providing information of high value to both investors and management. For the investor, this information flow helps drive investment decisions. For the company, the feedback information enables management to determine which strategies will create investment value.

BIA Investor Relations has the people and experience to help you create or enhance your investor relations program.